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Copywriting Services

Your knight in tracksuit pants.

Illustration of person running, holding bags

When you hire a freelance copywriter that lives barefoot in a campervan, taking selfies on the beach and sipping on a coconut and kale-infused acai berry caffeine-free iced coffee, that serenity naturally infuses into your project. When you work with me, I’ll be staring at two screens and silently crying into the keyboard. But we’ll get shit done.

Copywriting services are the biggie. I’ll become your remote partner that fills the gaps in your messaging. Because let’s admit it - there are lots.

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Category pages
  • Video scripts
  • SEO copywriting
  • Sales copy

Some pizzazz for your site.

Illustration of person writing with a large pencil

Starting from scratch or have a website that’s as dead as your Tamagotchi from 1997? If you’re stuck for words then let me try - because that never happens to me.

From a few touch-ups to a whole new brand voice, give your website the personality it needs to shine in your industry. Whether you're in a dull B2B niche or you sell glittery, shimmery unicorn poo, your website copy is one of your most powerful sales tools.

From crafting product descriptions to jazzing up ‘about us’ and ‘contact’ pages, all the way through to helping you to finally choose a headline you’ve been brainstorming for days, it’s time to find that creative spark you’ve been missing.

Show off what you know.

Illustration of people standing on a hashtag

Content with your content? Didn’t think so.

Join the fight against crappy content and those pesky AI robots. I’m just as sick as you are of the factory-made, soulless content that companies force upon their audience. So let’s join forces to roll out well-designed, refined, aligned stories instead.

Target what’s trending to join the conversation and grab a fistful of search traffic. If you’re ready, we’ll even work on getting your brand into major publications with the big boys and girls.

  • Blogs
  • Guides
  • eBooks
  • Content strategy

Project your voice beyond the iPhone.

Illustration of people drinking coffee

The art of writing is as old as time and although digital copywriting is everyone’s favourite toy right now, it hasn’t quite wiped out every other medium.

So, shall we take this offline?

Break the mould with copy for print on things like leaflets, signs and business cards. I don’t do the printing (I'm not that good), but I can work with you to craft the message that makes an impact.

Imagine making your brand interesting enough so that people actually look up from their phone screens every now and again. Miracles do happen.

A brand your audience resonates with.

Illustration of person touching a love heart

It’s giving main character energy. Are you rock n’ roll or as sophisticated as the fine china on Downton Abbey?

Your brand voice is what makes you different from the business next door. When customers connect with your personality, they become brand fans. And that’s the most valuable thing you can have.

You know the way Disney is always banging on about magic and how Nike is always telling you to do stuff? That’s brand voice in action. We build yours with a Brand Workshop where we ask the hard questions so everything’s easy later.

Together, we'll lock down your mission, audience, tone of voice, overall theme, and words and phrases that keep your voice consistent. You’ll even get a downloadable Brand Book you can take home and keep forever.

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