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Let your brand be who it wants to be

Brand characterisation gives your business a human identity that people recognise, connect with, and trust.

Generic values like “top quality” and “low prices” build emotional bonds with the strength of soggy cereal.

It’s time to stop holding back and blending in. Your brand’s true personality is hiding in there somewhere. I can help you find it.

I use themes, characters, movies, books, theatre and places to give character to businesses. From The Wizard of Oz to Harvey Specter, finding the right inspiration for your brand voice makes everything click into place.

“Brand” is more than a cute logo and pretty colours. It’s the entity that connects your business with its audience and helps them make purchase decisions.

Through creative processes and the exploration of new perspectives, I help you create a strong, memorable brand and persuasive website copy. So you can finally claim your place in your industry.

Just like you, I can’t stand boring brands

Hiya. I'm Amy.

I’ve written copy for businesses for over 10 years, and silly creative stories ranging from pregnant ducks to poisonous orange juice since I was about 5.

My clients love me because I make the entire process smooth and because they can count on high-quality work every time. But that’s just for kick-off. As an adventurous person who chooses a colourful life and values human connections, I bring a little rule-breaking and boldness to your copy. I know people and the importance of using emotions to build connections and drive sales. We’re saying F-you to robotic copy and giving human copy a big, massive hug.

Behind the scenes, you’ll get to work with someone who’s laid-back and likes a laugh, but who’s also a bit of a people pleaser. So I’ll be determined to create something you’re obsessed with, that resonates with your target market, and helps you compete with established brands. 

If you’re a new business or an existing business that’s ready to finally stand out, let’s have a chat.

“Amy is the best writer I’ve ever met – and I’m one myself. I can throw any type of content in any vertical at her, and she’ll always nail it. She’s fantastic at interpreting a brief and delving deep into a brand; I trust everything she writes."
Cass Whitaker, Content Manager @ Impressive Digital

"Working with Amy is a joy. She elevated our brand in a way we hadn't been able to achieve previously."
Dillon Hicks, Managing Director @ Sudo Roux

I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever met a better writer. Amy's ability to turn a basic brief into something magical is unmatched - whatever the brand TOV is, she just gets it.
Nicolette Georgiou, Brand Manager @ Boohoo
Amy HawthorneAmy Hawthorne

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