Making brews cool again, T2 is a tea brand that was born in Melbourne and has gone on to spread its leaves all across the planet. They get a kick out of turning the world of tea on its head, and their unique tone-of-voice means the brand is bubbling with personality and adored by fans young and old.

With tea flavours inspired by travel, art and fashion, T2 gained momentum and wanted to boost their awareness in the UK, the US, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand and Canada. Working with the SEO team at Impressive, I developed copy for the brand’s international sites.

We focused on keywords to promote the brand’s main products, from teapots to loose tea leaves. Of course, we had to stay aligned with the brand’s unique voice, bringing their tea story to life across the globe.

Teabags page copy:
Our iconic teas tied up in a tiny package.
Chai page copy:
You’ve never felt a kick this smooth. We’ve taken a classic black tea base and added a little drama! Think all the flavour of a traditional masala chai, with loads of fragrant spices for a smooth creamy cup with a kick!
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