Roomi is the modern day roommate-finding app hailing all the way from New York. Its young, hip and professional user base log on when they’re switching base across the states and a rigid, old-school lease won’t cut it anymore. The app empowers renters, giving them the tools to find flexible, affordable housing and connect with roommates who make the big city feel like home.

Roomi engaged DOT.DOC to keep their content fresh across the board. We got to work creating valuable weekly blogs that answered the real questions the brand’s audience was asking: Can I Get an Apartment in NYC Without a Job? and OMG My Roommate Smells! What Can I Do?

We’re now covering even more platforms so Roomi can continue to connect with its users, with DOT.DOC managing the brand’s Instagram, Twitter and Quora accounts. We’re focusing on keeping the NYC magic alive even throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with stunning photos of the city and its iconic culture.

Instagram caption:
Photographer Jamel Shabazz took some photos of the NYC subway back in the 1980's, and it's like a love letter to the city. ❤️ The photographs capture the diversity of characters in New York, set across a backdrop of graffiti'd station walls. Check 'em out. If you like this one, let us know and we'll share some more of his art. 📷
Blog copy:
Most NYC renters are familiar with the challenges that come with paying rent on time. In between trying the city’s newest Japanese restaurants and rooftop bars, prioritizing our finances can feel like a fine art – and can take a lot of discipline. Here’s the bad news; the ramen and the Bloody Marys are gonna have to wait, because your rent should take center stage every month!
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