Orange County CBD

Who is Orange County CBD?

Based in my Liverpool hometown, Orange County CBD is one of the world’s most renowned CBD brands. They might have only been unleashed onto the scene in 2019, but they’ve won more awards than any other CBD brand on the planet - and are getting bigger and better every day.

They manufacture CBD oil, gummies, supplements, vapes and skincare for their growing community of die-hard CBD fans.

What did I do?

  • Brand voice development
  • Website copy
  • Blogs
  • Scripts
  • Product names & taglines
  • Product descriptions
  • Category page copy
  • Packaging copy

Building the brand

I did things a bit differently with Orange County. The business’ products come from the hemp farms in California, but they’re local to me. So, I worked from their office with the team, learning about CBD from the inside and collab-ing in person.

(I also got to steal their tea and doughnuts, and chill out with CBD gummies while I wrote some words.)

The brand’s founder approached me during early 2022. They were smashing it in terms of growth, but their copy was feeling a bit Guardian-esque. CBD is a young, fun and exciting industry. They needed to reflect that through copy that set them apart from the rest.

Here's how we made it happen.

Before any words were written, I created the new OC voice

By defining who Orange County is, we could define how they would sound.

The brand voice development process encompassed:

  • Brand values
  • Customer personas
  • Customer problems & goals
  • Tone of voice pillars
  • Taglines

I then turned the whole thing into a downloadable Brand Book that anyone working on Orange County’s marketing material could use to ensure a consistent tone of voice.

Taglines & headlines

We needed taglines. Stuff that would encapsulate the essence of the brand and could be used across products, the website, social media, posters and billboards.

Product descriptions: Disposable vapes

Find it at:

More product descriptions: CBD cherry gummies

Find it at:

Social media captions

So what does it all look like?

With some insights into the creative genius (i.e. me) behind the brand voice development and copy for Orange County CBD, shall we see some of the work in action?

The home page touches on the brand’s origin story and guides any newcomers to the CBD space.

CBD Active Heat Balm. Is it hot in here or is it just us?

The CBD gummy bears page because there’s a new sweet in town (sorry, Haribo).

Need some words?

Want a tone of voice that’s unlike any others in your industry?

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