MAAP is a Melbourne-born cycling apparel brand.

Committed to developing the art and progression of cycling, MAAP has made tracks in cycling circles all over the world. With a distinctive voice that's all about gaining that knowing "nod" from fellow cyclists, the brand knows how to talk to its audience.

They approached DOT.DOC with the task of growing visibility while staying true to their roots. In other words, we had to provide search optimised copy that didn't read that way. MAAP doesn't want to push sales of their products; they want to authentically insert their products into the conversation. So, we set about setting the scenes that cyclists know so well, while showing how well MAAP products fare against the challenges.

See the full case study here.

The Alt_Road Collection

MAAP's newest collection is Alt_Road, their take on gravel cycling clothing. It's a collection that needs to be able to stand up against falls and knocks, with durability and sustainability at the forefront of the range.

Check out some of the DOT.DOC copy for Alt_Road here.

Collection copy:
Introducing our take on gravel cycling clothing. The Alt_Road collection has undergone months of on-the-bike testing and is ready to take on the challenges of gravel riding - from grit and gravel to pushes and falls. Made to explore beyond the boundaries of civilisation, we’ve taken all the MAAP design and performance elements up a gear, to curate a collection that won’t lose its nerve, whatever the terrain.
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