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I teamed up with an agency working on a re-brand for A-Game Consultancy. While they took care of web design and brand guidelines, I got to work on the copy.

We were targeting high achievers living busy lives, so we needed copy that didn't pussy-foot around. Perfect. Short sentence structures, the odd swear word and pure honesty portrayed exactly how this brand operates so we could attract the ideal client from the very first visit.

Word play, because I can't resist

Going sober in today's world is hard, so I'm out to encourage readers to carve their own path in that good old saying "against the grain". Plus, there are grains in beer and vodka. Subtle word play can get readers to think harder about an idea. When that idea clicks, this creats a little dopamine buzz, like solving a puzzle.

It could also make readers feel part of the in-crowd - the people who "got it".

Hit them where it hurts

Anyone who drinks alcohol knows the potential negative outcomes.

Our icon section was used to highlight these, in no uncertain terms, so the right audience could relate. We wanted to get really real - the client knows what their customers have been through (they've been there themselves) and I wanted to bring that across.

Creating rhythm

Rhythm keeps readers moving along. The first three sentences in this paragraph do exactly that, using anaphora (the repetition of words at the start of successive phrases). This repetition sets the pace and makes an idea stick in the reader's mind. We don't want readers to forget everything you said, as soon as they leave, do we?

Drop the excuses. Drop the fad diets. Drop a few pounds along the way.

Making an impact in the shortest space possible

If you're signing up for A-Game's services, you better mean business. They're on a mission to help you improve every single day, which calls for action.

I opted for snappy, impactful headings that got the benefits across instantly. No unnecessary words, anywhere.

Taking a stab at the people doing it "wrong"

Cheeky, I know. But we're here to break a mould. For their corporate training service, I wanted to convey that there are other ways to achieve high performance in the workplace. While many businesses go with the flow in terms of staff health (yoga classes, getting smashed on a Friday), it's not always enough. Or effective.

Time to level up.

Song lyrics

They're memorable. And I'm here to make sure my clients get remembered.

'Welcome to the good life' is the perfect phrase and main heading for a service aimed at the top 1% of athletes - the elite.

On-brand CTAs

We've been straight-talking throughout the whole website, we're not about to go soft when it comes to our call-to-action.

Keep that momentum going with a CTA that gets people excited, while they're already all riled up by your copy.

Say what you need to say

I get it: It can be nerve-wracking to launch with a bold brand voice. Only the brave businesses actually follow it through until the end, but the outcome is always a brand that people pay attention to.

Plus, polarising copy weeds out the time wasters and attracts your real perfect customer.

Give me a shout if you're ready to show the real you.

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